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LifeStreams Coordinator - Saint John's on the Lake


"Stacy is absolutely passionate about music. Her love for the art is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic performances. She is exceedingly patient with all of our residents, encourages them and coaxes the very best effort from each and every one.  She offers a music program that offers a therapeutic approach and actively engages our residents in the program.  Although she is one of the best music performers in the area, her prices are extremely reasonable. In my opinion, she is worth every penny she charges and I certainly believe I have received excellent service for my money. "


- Angela Crimmings




Art Therapist - Eastcastle Place, Inc.


"Stacy is an absolute pleasure to work with!  She creates wonderful themed programs, comes prepared and on time, and (best of all) the residents love her!  She also knows how to engage the group and play appropriate music that will get the residents reminiscing.  Stacy would be a wonderful addition to any facility!"


- Jennifer Ahern


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